Like Home Apartments - 1 bedroom, to 3 prs. Like Home Apartments - 1 bedroom, to 3 prs. Inner court' PRICE: 24-35 Eur / night Quite place in old town, renovated house. Builded in Y 1888. Windows from the kitchen and sitting room to inner court. 206162106 Kitchen & Sittingroom' Joint space with Kitchen. Sitting room. Single sofa-bed (not in the picture). 203483720 Kitchen & Sittingroom'' Main kitchen equipment available. Hands towel. Tea, sugar, salt. 191844392 Bedroom' Baby cot on request (3 Eur/day) 191845066 Bedroom'' Bed line added. Iron & ironing board. 191844403 Bathroom' Towels for shower for each person, hands towel. Hair dryer, liquid soap, toilet paper. 191844396 Bathroom'' Washing machine. 191844400 Staircase Renovated Y2010 191844399 Underground Nice view inside the house... 205633860 House 3rd floor. Paid car parking in the street. Price (I-VI: 8:00-20:00): 0,60 Eur/hour Free parking: VII: 24 hours & I-VI: night time - 20:00-8:00 Free parking: in the nearest street (100m) 191845067 Street view Old town, paid car parking in the street. 191036991